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Today's Moon

Moon Missions to Moon Lunar Orbiter

Missions to Moon - Lunar Orbiter

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Lunar Orbiter | image: http://sse.jpl.nasa.gov

Country : USA
Research Org : NASA
Mission launch : launched in 1966 through 1967
Lunar Orbiter 1 : Launched 10 August 1966
Lunar Orbiter 2 : Launched 06 November 1966
Lunar Orbiter 3 : Launched 05 February 1967
Lunar Orbiter 4 : Launched 04 May 1967
Lunar Orbiter 5 : Launched 01 August 1967


Five Lunar Orbiter missions were launched in 1966 through 1967 with the purpose of mapping the lunar surface before the Apollo landings. All five missions were successful, and 99% of the Moon was photographed with a resolution of 60 m or better. The first three missions were dedicated to imaging 20 potential lunar landing sites, selected based on Earth-based observations. These were flown at low inclination orbits. The fourth and fifth missions were devoted to broader scientific objectives and were flown in high altitude polar orbits. Lunar Orbiter 4 photographed the entire nearside and 95% of the farside, and Lunar Orbiter 5 completed the farside coverage and acquired medium (20 m) and high (2 m) resolution images of 36 pre-selected areas. The images at the top of the page show the Lunar Orbiter spacecraft with the high and medium resolution cameras at the center, and an image of the crater Tycho taken with the Lunar Orbiter 5 medium resolution camera.


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