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Today's Moon

Moon Missions to Moon Hiten-Hagomoro

Missions to Moon - Hiten-Hagomoro

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Hiten-Hagomoro | image: http://sse.jpl.nasa.gov

Country : Japan
Research Org : Japanese Space Agency (JAXA)
Mission launch : launched on January 24, 1980


The HITEN (MUSES-A) was launched on January 24, 1980, by M - 3SII - 5 launch vehicle from Kagoshima Space Center. It aimed to master the on - orbit techniques, including swingby, by use of the moon gravitation. Taking the opportunity when HITENappoached the moon, the spacecraft injected a tiny lunar orbiter, HAGOROMO, into orbit around the moon.

It made an impact on the moon on April 11, 1993.



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