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Today's Moon


Missions to Moon - Explorer-33

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Explorer | image: http://sse.jpl.nasa.gov

Country : USA
Research Org : NASA
Mission launch : First Moon Mission Launched 1966
Explorer-33 : Launch 07.01.66: Contact Lost 09.21.71
Explorer-35 : Launch 07.19.67: Spacecraft Shutdown 06.24.73
Explorer-49 : Launch 06.10.73: Last Contact Aug 1977


Explorer 33 was supposed to be the first U.S. spacecraft to orbit the Moon.

A malfunction accelerated the probe too rapidly and it ended up in an eccentric Earth orbit. Mission controllers were able to stabilize the orbit and the spacecraft sent back useful data on Earth's magnetic tail, radiation in space and the magenetic field between the planets.

NASA collected data from Explorer 33 until September 1971.



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