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Today's Moon


Miisions to Moon - Chang'e

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Chang'e 1 | image: http://sse.jpl.nasa.gov

Country : China
Research Org : China National Space Administration
Mission launch : 2004-2017
Chang'e 1 : October 24, 2007
Chang'e 2 : 2008-2009
Chang'e 3 : 2012-2017


Chinese Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP) is a program of unmanned and manned missions to the Moon announced by China.

The spacecraft is named after the goddess of the Moon Chang'e.

Chang'e 1 ( Orbiting )

According to the schedule, detailed program design of the first milestone was completed by September 2004. Research and development of a prototype probe and relevant testing of the probe was finished before the end of 2005. Design, manufacture, general assembly, test and ground experiments of the lunar orbiter was finished before December 2006. on September 24, 2007 the Chang'e 1 is launched. more...

Chang'e 2 ( Landing )

A spacecraft (Chang'e 2) will be launched to deploy a lunar lander for surface exploration in a limited area on the moon.more...

Chang'e 3 ( Returning )

On the basis of the lander mission, a lunar sample return mission (Chang'e 3)will be implemented.more...


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