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Chandrayaan 1 Images

Chandrayaan-1 Why

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Why India want to go to moon ?

ISRO said it would spur the Indian scientific community and probe the physical characteristics of the lunar surface in greater depth than previous missions by other nations. It will explore its minerals, map the terrain and find out whether water and helium deposits exist. It will also give us a deeper understanding about the planet Earth itself or its origins, Earlier missions did not come out with a full understanding of the moon and that is the reason scientists are still interested.

This will lay the foundation for bigger missions and also open up new possibilities of international networking and support for planetary programmes.

Chandrayaan-1 had triggered a small debate within India about its necessity. Critics are saying it is outdated and the organisation was wasting its money from a limited budget allotted by the government. India should not undertake the mission but instead restrict its space programmes to satellite launches and use its funds for social welfare.


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