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Chandrayaan 1 Images

Chandrayaan-1 Updates Chandrayaan-1 Mission Called Off

Chandrayaan-1 Mission Called Off

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ISRO formerly called off mission of Chandrayaan-1:

On August 29, 2009 when ISRO lost radio contact with Chandrayaan -1. After failing to re-establish contact for more than 24 hours, ISRO terminated the mission. Though this news is unexpected for all of us Chandrayaan – 1 achieved 95% of its objectives.


Chandrayaan -1 launched on 22nd October 2008. It was declared two years mission which is abruptly ended now. Chandrayaan-1 had completed more than 3400 revolutions around the moon. It had dispatched over 70,000 images of the moon surface. Overall, during its ten months of existence, Chandrayaan -1 completed 312 days in orbit and provided large amount of data.


Moon/Space mission failures are not unusual for countries and organizations, though India lost Chandrayaan -1, Indian should be proud of India’s moon mission. Chandrayaan -1 is a great motivator for planning of Chandrayaan – 2. Chandrayaan mission is aimed to answer key questions about origin of moon, its evolution and possibility of water on the lunar surface.

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