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Old 08-30-2009, 09:39 AM
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Default Mission over! India loses Chandrayaan-I

This tomfoolery has been going on for quite some time. Even from my very childhood I have been seeing this type of hype. These public-employed guys loot the nation of millions of rupees (also dollars) and get a lot of media hype. They seem to become intellectual giants in the nations, and become like little kings and queens. Highly paid, they all ultimately end in the English nations or their children end up there.
There is need to investigate the total amount these thieves have looted from the national coffers in the last so many years. Also the total benefit and discoveries they have made in so many years. It is my contention that almost all their so called findings can be had for a small subscription from certain US organisations. Many of them are even available on the Internet for a small fee.
Also investigate how many of these guys have ended up in the US, and how many of their offspring are in the English nations.
Don’t let they guys feel that the rest of the people here are simple fools.
I have been seeing this gimmickry by the ISRO (and by all sort of Indian government departments including such fantastic fooling by Tarapur etc) from my very childhood days. Most of what ISRO personnel have been ‘discovering’ over the years are more or less what can be had for a small subscription from US based scientific organisations. Even from the Internet anyone can get an immense number of details for a small fee.
They would send up some miniscule objects into the skies with a lot of fanfare and to the accompaniment of thunderous applause. There would grant talks of ‘Indians’ having achieved the greatest things, and that ‘Indians’ can now compete with the English nations. Some would even go to the extent of declaiming that it is ‘Indian Brains’ that run the show in UK and US in everything. They would give awards to each other, and there would be grand felicitation parties. The common Indian is in a mood of daze over the ‘achievements’ of these kingly personalities. However on the third day (or night) the whole thing would come splashing into the waters of the seven seas. Then again would start the same dialogue that we will go in for grander achievement next time. It was a learning experience. Then by the next year, newer faces come to the fore, with grander and more expensive ideas, all for the grandeur of the new people.
The fact is that there is nothing wrong with the ‘brain’ over here, but what is wrong is the presence of these government ‘babus’ and ‘sars’ existing as a container lid to the common people here.
There should be an investigation on the total amount of money these persons have looted from the national coffers, and how many of them used this fund to garner international connections for themselves and their family members. Public service is not meant to be a launching pad for themselves to escape to the English world.
Moreover, there should be a proper account of what they have collected as independent information over the years. Just collecting information already garnered by the English nations has no meaning, for these persons have not been given the job of ratifying the English nation discoveries.
Then comes the question of how all this information is of use to the people of this nation. Simply some persons possessing such knowledge only make them powerful and masters. It has no meaning for the people of the place.
As to whether all this activity is really improving the standards of the Indian people also has to be thought about. A common Indian addressed as a ‘thoo’ or ‘nee’ and referred to as ‘uss’ or ‘avan’, by the government ‘babus’ is not going to improve his individuality and personality by simply improving the capability of the government ‘babu’ class. What is required is the real improvement of the children of the common people here. Give them British quality English education (not the feudal English currently disseminated in the schools here), free school buses, fantastic quality teachers (not the current PG and Degree Holder teachers, who are more or aaya class), free availability of safe drinking water free rest houses in all towns and cities, social security for all (not pension to a miniscule public servant class) and such things.
I can give an instance. Once I did come across a General Manager of the Industries Department of a minor district. He would tease and harass the common persons who come to him for various licences. Once I saw him inaugurating a grand industrial function. He was declaiming about the grand possibilities of ‘India’. The problem here was not the lack of potential in ‘India’ but of guys like him standing on the top. Remove them, and let the people of this nation improve.

See this also

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Old 08-31-2009, 06:21 AM
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Default The fabulous treasures of Space Research! It is a gold mine!!

Quote from Yahoo: The $80 million (Rs.380 crore) Chadrayaan-1

If the people in India have any intelligence left after some 60 years of so-called independence, they will demand an inquiry about the funds siphoned off by the various strata of the 'Space Research' Department!

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