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Hi jraj,

I agree with your comments, artwork, layout needs an improvement. We are in process of proof reading, creating new artwork and changes in layout. Also once we move on some standard CMS tool we may consider allowing our users to update the content. Thank you for your valuable feedback.


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Hi There
Please make this website better. The level of website is same as website of any school of west country. The pictures move so fast, it should be slow and big enough with option of opening like flickr atleast.

Information is very well given related to project (85% marks for that) it take so long to update pictures and latest pictures starts from old one, picture tools(1% marks out of 100%), look (5% maks out of 100%) interative (50% marks), for young genration like children (indian govt never ever care they exit even children day stuff(0% marks), internation image making of india Inc.(-1000% marks as it looks like ISRO is learning how to use computer), printable options (who cares?), Who is behind the sucess (0%, who care about hardwork of great indian if it is not MS Dhoni/little master, shame on us).
Great country, great ppls, no efforts in telling a story, please hire some art guys, story writters, cartoon artist, Advert/ image making ppls (Put a poster in every IIM, IIT, Art college to create material for website and mentioned there name on site): you spend nothing, they got something to write on profile, more interative>> who cares in india? My friend create laot of website for our Uni website in 2000, but noone want to use it. We are still there. no thing matter ? we are part of india. Please give us a chance to join you guys.