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What a joke!! Today is the 22nd of Nov of the year of our Lord 2008! The last pic sent by ISRO was on the 15th of Nov! So is that it?

OK, guys!The show is over. Move on! There's not much else going to be coming from ISRO. Especially if they've found those intriguing unexplainable Moon anomalies! Like they say, the top secret U.S. Military space program is already mining the Moon since 1962.

If that be the case, you think ISRO would put out the images of these mining activities in the public domain? NO! You see, ESA, NASA, Jaxa, ISRO etc are all in it it together. No one's going to let the cat out of the bag. If Chandrayaan does find something, it will be conveniently air-brushed like what NASA/ESA are doing with the anomalous images that show artificial structures on the Moon.

Do you guys think I'm off my rocker? Or have I lost my marbles? NO! These are the facts and we will be naive to think otherwise. I have done enough research on this and therefore always wondered what ISRO would do if it found these structures on the Moon? Would they disclose it? NEVER!

So that's it. I think I need to go catch up on my reading since there's nothing more expected from ISRO.

Cheers! And have a nice day!