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Default Caution: Shut down if you cannot be good

You have taken an immense responsibility and it seems so official although it isn't. While that is appreciated, you ought to be very careful - diligent - in what you say and how you say it. Naked patriotism or nationalism is not good enough. Get your act together and improve the site design and process. But more important is the content, of course. In short, your website (again, your effort and intent is appreciated) SUCKS!

BTW, check this for grammar and spelling:
"Indians are fascinated by Moon from ancient days and now 21st century india is ready to land on moon! Chandrayaan is the mission towords that dream."

It is right up front!!!! "FROM" ancient days? "From"? Also, can you tell me a people that have NOT been "fascinated" by the moon? And then, where do you get "TOWORDS" from? There are numerous such basic mistakes. Just knowing software or web design is NOT enough! You're doing our country a huge disservice.