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Default Animations for the C1XS Instrument

Hi Everyone,

Nice to see a website dedicated to outreach for Chandrayaan 1!

I thought I would let you know that I have finished doing some animations of Chandrayaan 1, and specifically, the C1XS built by STFC/RAL.

There are a few words about it here
To celebrate the launch event the C1XS team proudly present an animation visualizing the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft in transit from the Earth to the Moon and the C1XS instrument conducting lunar science.

Versions of the animation are available to download:

High Definition MOV :
High Definition MP4:
Standard Definition MOV :
iPod/iPhone version:

These animations were commissioned by RAL (STFC) and kindly produced by Doug Ellison who made the animations in gratis to help promote British involvement in space science. The C1XS team are grateful for all his efforts.

The movies were produced using CAD and photographs of the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft and the C1XS instrument. For more details or for further information please contact Doug Ellison

These animations are available to be used by the press - please credit Doug Ellison/RAL.
and on my website, at , I've written a brief story about how I came to do them and the fun I had visiting RAL to see C1XS before being sent to ISRO to be integrated onto Chandrayaan-1!

I hope some of you enjoy it!