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Default Refraining misuse of this forum by "negativites" or "anti-bhartees/anti-indians"

It is shocking to see that different shades of "negativites", with demonic negative energies,keep on harping to stop any progress of India, in the name/pretext of improving socio-economic conditions of our poor brotheren!

Can't we somehow insure that our chandrayaan forum is not misused / contaminated by ill / sick thoughts of such class of so "called elite socialists/ communists /humanists", who can never see Bharat i.e.India to prosper in all walks of life/style/science & technology!

Chandrayaan mission is a symbol of India's determination to ultimately provide leadership in next 20-30 years, in the field of deep space voyages, by evolving technologies with are indigenous, relatively cheapest and therefore affordable .

So this forum should be used for positive thoughts, constructive creativity and visionary futuristic endeavors. Let the readers paint their dreams and expectations from such space ventures and may even suggest "action plans" to ISRO/appropriate agencies, to accomplish the same!

Let us make our progress to be accelerated pace, with exponential growth, so that new technologies of water recycling, energy conservation, solar technologies /energy based devices /systems, modeling of atmospheric behavior and prediction of rainfall/sunshine etc, evolved and perfected for successful chandrayaan missions, could be applied to removing of poverty & hunger etc.