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Originally Posted by Zvezdichko View Post
Bullshit. Total bullshit...

Will you ever stop with these silly conspiracy theories?
Huh? Can you prove it's all bull shit? Do you profess to know EVERYTHING that's going on? Are you even aware that there's a top secret military space program being conducted by the CIA/Mil intelligence/NRO? Other than Cape Canaveral/KSC, Florida, are you aware of the out-of-sight U.S secret space launch facilities at Vandenberg, Kwajalein, Wallops Island, Beale, Poker Flats, Marshall Islands, Alcantara, etc? NO! You don't because otherwise you wouldn't have trashed this as 'bullshit'! And I wouldn't waste my time giving you further details as your mind is closed as a clam! But here's something for starters:

Have you heard of the top secret Black budged programs run by Lockheed Skunk works, Boeing’s Phantom Works, etc? Here’s what a couple of U.S senators commented:

Senators' Comments Suggest Existence Of Secret Space Program
Cryptic comments by two Democrats on the Senate floor about a major program in the fiscal year 2005 intelligence authorization conference report point to a secret space effort of some kind that has been under way for years, but which has been unknown to the public, analysts said.
Sens. Jay Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.), ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) both criticized the program without naming it on Dec. 8 during debate on the fiscal year 2005 intelligence authorization bill.
All bullshit, what?
And have you heard of the secret ‘Shadow Govt’ of the United States?
Some of the important directives/tasks of these departments/organizations under the Intelligence Branch, related to UFOs/Aliens are:
National Reconnaissance Office(NRO).
Controls and collects information from global spy satellites, monitors UFO traffic entering and leaving Earth's atmosphere, coordinates firing of energy beam weapons from orbiting Star Wars satellites at selected human ground and airborne targets and selectively at extra-terrestrial craft. Loc: Pentagon basement and Dulles Airport area, VA.
National Security Agency
Orchestration of information-control and cover-up activities related to UFO secrecy and surveillance of extra-terrestrial operations.
Loc: Fort Meade, MD.
Central Intelligence Agency
Cooperates with NSA's UFO cover-up operations.
Loc: Langley, VA, and worldwide branches.
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Counter Intelligence Division
Cooperates with the National Reconnaissance Organization in the surveillance of those involved in close encounters with UFOs and extra-terrestrials.
U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence
Has a compartmented unit involved in UFO and USO [Unidentified Submerged Objects] information gathering.
U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations
(AFOSI) has a compartmented unit involved in investigating UFO sightings, extra-terrestrial contact reports, as well as IAC [Identified Alien Craft] surveillance.
Loc: Bolling Air Force Base, MD.
NASA Intelligence
Intelligence on astronaut and reconnaissance satellite encounters with UFOs and ETs, and coordinates the transfer of alien technology to U.S. and allies' aerospace operations.
Of course, all this would be bullshit to you. Do some research before branding others as lunatics. There is enough stuff that could keep you busy for a month, but this will have to do for now.

As a parting shot, have you heard of Senator John Glenn, a former Astronaut? Here's what he said on NBC TV, 6th March 2001, whilst discussing the Apollo program, "We only see these things in our nightmares or in the movies, and some of them are pretty close to being the truth!"

Nuff said. I don't want to waste more time on self styled 'Know-alls' like you! Do make an attempt to crawl out of your air tight box of ignorance and try and see what's outside. Though I'm aware that for people like you, ignorance is bliss!

Darn! The self styled know-alls we have to put up with! Gets excruciating at times, what?

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