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Originally Posted by apollonut444 View Post
I have read in Air and Space Mag, that the Chandrayaan spacecraft will be able to photograph the Apollo Sites! Is this possible and true? Sure would be nice to prove that their were landings by Apollo. I believe it as I was old enough to understand this great event! I too was wondering why the pictures are few and far between. Please let me know on this Thanks!
Of course the TMC can! But what are you going to find up there except the area where they landed? Considering the TMC's res of 5m, anything smaller than this would not be easy to identify. The Apollo missions had left some small scientific instruments on the Moon, but these would be difficult to spot unless there were larger than 5m. And there are none bigger than that!

Probably the Apollo Moon buggy? But considering that the frame was 10 feet (3 m) long with a wheelbase of 7.5 feet (2.3 m) and a maximum height of 3.75 feet (1.1 m), you'd still not be able to see it!


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