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Originally Posted by Mikesingh View Post
Further to my post above regarding the imaging of the Moon...

The Chandrayaan's catalogue mentions -- "Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC): The aim of this instrument is to completely map the topography of the moon. The camera works in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum and captures black and white stereo images."

But the specs mention that the TMC will image in the panchromatic spectral region of 0.5 to 0.85 m. That means it covers all spectral bands.

Spectral bands

Blue - 0.440.52 μm.
Green - 0.50.59 μm.
Red - 0.630.7 μm.
Near infrared - 0.760.85 μm.

Now what the heck is going on here? Colour or black/white? Can someone elucidate this? Confusion confounded!
If the TMC is in broad visible spectrum why it is not transmitting color pictures?