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Exclamation Chandrayaan Updates Please!

What the heck? I've scoured all over the net for updates on Chandrayaan-1 but was disappointed. And the ISRO website sucks! There are no updates there. As of now 25th Oct 1230 hrs, the last one in ISRO's website is dated 23rd!

Typical of our lethargic government departments! Can ISRO wake up to this issue and update their site at least every day if not twice? We need to know the progress of the spacecraft. The silence by ISRO is intriguing! Or are they hiding something from us? Has the Chandrayaan got screwed up that they don't want to post any updates?

ISRO has reached for the Moon, but info on the progress is zilch! There's nothing even in the newspapers today.

Imagine, a history making event for India and as of today we're as blind as bats as to the goings-on with the mission!