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The Moon is being considered to be developed as a Stop-over / Relay / service station for future Mars manned missions. A supply camp on the Moon is a great idea and time saver. The time now is for Government -Private partnerships towards a combined single goal, where many space savvy countries can together harness their individual capabilities.
More over, private operators are vying to land on the moon. The challenge is open to anyone, not necessarily governments and countries.

In this regard, it is prudent for ISRO to plan a serious Moon Camp for human
inhabitation. There are lots of benefits and profit in this venture, since India & ISRO are quite competitive in prices and ability. A lot of space travel from the private sector is being planned and will be executed starting 2011. the incubation may be lost to the general public, but believe me, quite a lot of investment, research and implementations are going on behind scenes.

The Moon is going to be a VERY busy place in the near future, indeed!!!