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Originally Posted by selvaraj61 View Post
hi, this is my inner feeling only anybody may correct it if it is wrong.

all these advanced missions, no doubt will prove the nations, ability and knowledge. however:
are the scientific community not indebted to the society, whose tax is being used for such scientific missions?
are the services which are planned to be performed not to reach the common man directly in his day to day life?
I strongly feel experimenting the lunar garvity in creating earth quake and devasting (dec-2006) TSUNAMI must have much........more.........priority than analysing the particle on the lunar surface using so called shopisticated rovers robots etc.

i welcome a open heart discussions on this issue.
Are armed forces people indebted to die for protecting u just coz u spend tax money on their salary(just an analogy).Is it not the true that Isro's programs are as beneficial to common man from providing weather info to mapping the resources and earning valuable money more than wat it spends.Knowledge gained never goes waste like ur tax money which is wasted like water by govt. on other stupid programs.Instead of questioning that wastage u term money spend on ISRO as waste.Think about it

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