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I think option number 2 is more likely to be correct as there are almost no pictures from the others either (China, Japan) China (apart from a few publicity shots involving governmental officials etc) have released a few, but possibly 30 at the most from the recent launch. Their latest spacecraft has been up there since October and so far nothing has been heard. Japan JAXA have issued a few images mostly taken from HD TV movies. Again not much.

However, the problem is not limited to the Moon either. Mars and even our own Earth has areas where there are structures which 'should not be there'. The Earth's Antarctic has bases as can be clearly seen by this Google Earth image at 66deg 36min 13.82 S, 99deg 43min 12.63 E or just go to this topic on Alien Anomalies forum

Of course, there is nothing to be worried about, since 'they' have been here for decades if not centuries, so if anything was going to happen, it probably would have happened by now.

I think it is just a sad, sad example of how the other nations have to tow the line and are not allowed to release images - just because the USA says so. Perhaps it is the aliens themselves who call the shots and not the USA. Who knows which governments are in talks with 'them' ?