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Originally Posted by ocpaul20 View Post
Hi Administrator,
It would be nice to have some official answers to some of our questions too. What is the point of a forum on Chandrayaan, if no-one knows any of the truthful answers and if it is all speculation.
I see that ironically, this question too seems to have also been ignored!

I'll give you some official answers if you like;

India either failed miserably with Chandrayaan 1, and learning from the mistakes are preparing to try again with number 2..(hence *very* little in the way of photographic proof being offered anywhere) didn't admit it though, pretending instead it was a complete success, as the funding for the second try would have probably dried up.

Or the only other option for completely ignoring the questions from *around the entire world* about the lack of published imagery they claim to have taken, is because they imaged enormous amounts of anomalous structures and remains of habitation/occupation, and they just don't have the image processing capabilities or funds required to expertly censor the structures and statuary out of the images. So, rather than let the cat out of the bag about what's actually there, and anger America for not doing as ordered, they simply keep the images secret, ignoring all questions from anyone about them.

That's the official reasons for not releasing the images, there can be no others.