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Default Chandrayaan News Alert! Heat strokes might have killed Chandrayaan-1

Chandrayaan-1 may have met premature death, but the mission has met 90 to 95% of its scientific objectives. Chandrayaan’s high-resolutions cameras have sent over 70,000 digital images of the lunar surface including pictures of mountains, craters, and the permanently shadowed area of Moon’s polar region.

The mission is abruptly ended but all the data was downloaded from the spacecraft on a regular basis and no scientific data is lost. John Yembrick, public affair officer (space operations) NASA headquarters, said, "NASA has obtained an abundance of data during our operations. Work is on to analyze that information."

The reason of termination of Chandrayaan-1 is now known that this was because of a miscalculation of the Moon’s temperature that had led to faulty protection.

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