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Default Chandrayaan 2

Dear ISRO,

Chandrayaan-2 should have a soft lander that would land on moon, pick up some moon rocks from the place where it lands, and then launch those samples in moon orbit at an appropriate time. The samples would then be collected by Chandrayaan-3 from moon orbit and brought back to earth in a recovery capsule. This should validate a lot of technologies for future manned moon missions.

Kindly don't make Chandrayaan-2 a copy of Chandrayaan-1 and I don't see much use for a rover that will do chemical tests in moon. Please send a launcher to moon that would return sample to earth instead. There is also no use for doing chemical tests of soil samples on moon when the samples can be better analyzed on earth.

We should have one Chandrayaan mission every year now. Congratulations for doing a good job on Chandrayaan-1.