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Angry Unthinking.....

I wonder: why do people post opinions without some prior thought and knowledge of true facts?
It is a 'fashion' to crib about water & food in place of scientific advances.

A little more search would surely bring out the fact that these scientific adventures are highly profitable- both financially and otherwise.

Over the past 35yrs, Ive heard enough of these people cribbing , without any contributions from their side, towards what they feel must be moot issues of priority.

ISRO is the most favoured space agency in the world today, and has fast become the favorite destination for space researchers. This has increased our income from the American as well as the European customers, inspite of severe competition from the so called advanced countries.

ISRO is not a private company and does not believe in harping about its profits. This does not mean that the 'hard earned money ' of the citizens is being used solely for some stupid experiments without beneficial returns.

Time these cribbers understood that Space research and travel is a VERY profitable business, where private operators too are showing keen interest and are investing huge sums of money in this field. Our rockets are the most favoured in the world today and there is a huge queue for our services.

The returns from this business is actually providing the means for more food & water along with business opportunities for thousands of people in India.