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Post My view on the new Chandrayaan-3

We know that all ISRO projects are budget oriented projects. The budget allotted for chandrayaan-2 is Rs 425 cr. So It is not possible to launch one more chandrayaan-3 to experiment on the samples from moon within this budget. It is probably the best idea to wrap up the experiments with chandrayaan-2. It is not really worth it to recover capsule that contains junk such as moon's samples etc... because such recovery is useful only when we have astronauts visiting the moon. As for as I know ISRO doesn't lack technology at all!!! They are among the best engineers of the world. But the difference is that we don't get enough funds to carry on extensive research. It is not a joke to carry out rocket science experiments with stringent budgets. I have seen so many views criticizing the Chandrayaan-1 project. It seems it is a waste of money which can actually be allotted for the upliftment of the poor in this country (In my view they don't deserve it because we don't get anything in return). ISRO's marketing wing Antrix has been marketing our products in the international market and guess what, they have made heafty profits resently! So ISRO has always been working for the upliftment of our nation and our nation will be a super power in space technology by 2020 !