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Originally Posted by Heapashite View Post
India should'nt waste time on this endevour until such time as it is able to look after its own unfortunate people. Moon my arse!
This is bullshit! Look at how the space program has helped. Distance education, mineral mapping, crop distribution, water resources, meteorology, weather forecasting, satellite communication and most of all it has become a multi billion dollar business as we sell our our remote sensing maps all over the world as well as make money from commercial launches.

And remember, this entire Chandrayaan-1 program costs the govt only Rs 350 crores. That's the cost of just ONE advanced fighter aircraft! Or 1/10th the cost of ONE American B-2 bomber!!!

So why are people bellyaching? Poverty can NEVER be completely eliminated. Even America has its share of poor. So should mankind put everything on hold and not evolve and stagnate forever?