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Unhappy Get a better website design and more features! Publicity!

Firstly, I must say I am damn impressed by ISRO and its missions. There's just too much to say but not right now, let me sum it up in one word - awesome.
But, at the same time, I am utterly disappointed by the website design and features. I know most of the Indian government website suck really bad, but I expected ISRO to be better. The website design brings me back to the 90s.
Also, the layout, and features really are horrible of this site. Horrible navigation and mediocre presentation of information. M
And no features of this website? No podcasts, HD animation videos, interactive panoramas of existing technologies, very less info about the project, the place its being done in and updated news is very less.
Look at the NASA site for example. This and the ISRO website bring me back to the 90s.
Also, there is very less publicity to encourage this development.
This goes for the ISRO and Chandrayaan websites.