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instead of questioning the scientific endeavor in the name of eliminating poverty.we must question the other wasteful expenditure by the govt money wasted there can be put to poverty removal.Indian govt/constitution/country being secular should not waste money on any religious activities(just food for thought).

moon mission is as necessary as removing poverty,as we gain knowledge here.And gaining knowledge is not waste of money.People must learn from the basic sholka we used to learn in school in sanskrit course:

vidyaa dadaati vinayaM vinayaadyaati paatrataam
paatratvaaddhanamaapnoti dhanaaddharmaM tataH sukhaM

"Knowledge generates humility, by humility one becomes worthy, being
worthy one earns wealth, with wealth one gains religiosity, and by
religiosity one becomes happy".

So west and the Macaulayites Indians JNU types who harps the tune of their white supremacist masters in west about poverty just to gain attention should not tell us all this coz we know where to put over money for better use and how we must remove poverty.