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Originally Posted by Seasonssong View Post
This for the people who think such missions are waste of money
I would like to quote one great purpose " Mining of Helium 3 on Moon"

In the world where energy politics have taken a bigger place and where countries with energy resources have polarized the world. This Isotope of helium which is abundantly available on Moon is the future.
Russia has already charted out plans to mine Helium 3 from 2020.
that is the reason China and Japan are aslo sending moon missions.

The greatest advantage of Helium 3 is it is free of radioactive waste.
It is pure energy which can be used in Fusion reactors and as fuel for spaceships and rockets thus saving the Ozone layer and increasing efficiency and less pollution.
Fusion reactors are not a reality.Fusion bomb is a reality. About mining helium 3 or anything from moon India has no indegenous technology.India is still depending ARIAN & others for launching communication satellites.India is wasting money by moon projects by this time India could have developed its own cryogenic engines,can own many geo stationary satellites which can be used for global positioning,tracking & spying.We are disoriented by US collaboration.