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Yes i agree that it is a repeat of what the developed nations in the world has tried in the past, but as a developing nation we have to go thorugh the path as said "because they have gone to the moon, it is not possible to get all the info in the googlingg.

The tecnology to go to the moon is a new one to India andd they have to enact it correctly, it is not that as others have done it we could do it, we can get the know how of the technology but we have to do it on our own correctly to get the things right, yes it is a proud step that India is tring one of the things that a very few nations in the world has tried and should be proud of it and not to lay dumb and repeat what the other nations say about the moon trips.

When we do the Chnadrayaan, we would be able to boast our own exeperince.